About Marwa Karoura

Marwa has over 15 years of coaching, training, leadership, management and human resources experience in a variety of diverse settings. Her philosophy is to have others identify and cultivate their own dreams, to have the courage to turn them into reality, the integrity and caring that enables them to find the resources within them selves to fulfill those dreams. 

As a Life coach, she is especially attuned to the demands of a changing, fast-paced environment and works with her clients to excel in whatever comes up in life and work. She offers a partnership with high sensitivity to cultural differences and an in depth understanding of its importance, with a strong conviction that individuals themselves definitely have what it takes to have a fulfilling life.

Marwa is as elegant and fierce as she is funny and friendly. As an Executive coach her great joy is to move, inspire and connect people as they embrace and develop their authentic selves and their creative power to lead change in their workplace. A sunny soul who believes that laughter lubricates leading; she works with individuals and organizations to build leadership grounded in respect and fascination, authenticity and authority.

Marwa's playful blend of humor and deep respect for all that’s entailed in ‘being human’ is at the heart of her work as a Youth Empowerment coach. She is focused on putting transformative learning into action for youth. Her Youth Empowerment Program targeting Youth from 9-21 years in local, public and international schools & universities and her alliance with governmental entities in the oil and gas sector, the financial sector, education and health sector developing UAE nationals are her jewels.

She brings the power of subtlety, intuition, and truth telling, she is also known for her persistence, perseverance and cultural veneration. All of these qualities have culminated in her endeavor to associate coaching with the regional needs adding a local cultural aspect to it; few believed it would be possible! She founded KTalk in 2011, which has become the most successful culturally profound coaching destination in UAE.

When not engrossed in her work, Marwa can be found enjoying her time with her 2 boys (9 &14) and wonderful husband, messing around in Colors, baking, swimming or biking along the beautiful corniche of Abu Dhabi.  

Marwa’s Qualifications

  • International Coach Federation (ICF) Member
  • Association for Neuro Linguistic Programing (ANLP) Member
  • Certified Emotional Intelligence (EI) Coach & Practitioner
  • Certified Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) Coach & Practitioner 
  • Certified TetraMap Practitioner 
  • Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI) Accreditation
  • MBA in Leadership & Emotional Intelligence
  • PhD Organization Psychology candidate
  • B.Sc. in Electronics & communication