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By Umar Khan, DIB

Excellent, it was all about me and it helped me to know how I can benefit from my self and how the organization can benefit from me as I am. It taught me to know others as well as my self and put a balance. By Umar Khan, DIB

By Effat Sami, DIB

She is unique, different and lovely coach, it is a total different experience than any other workshop. It will help me to lead my team members by emotional tools not only by logical and process. By Effat Sami, DIB

By Rashied Al Shamsi, DIB

Excellent. Facilitation style, activities and conversations/interaction were very different. This workshop will help me in dealing with people emotions and in understanding my own emotions. By Rashied Al Shamsi, DIB

By Salem Al Falahi, Takreer

Everyday we were learning lots of new things moreover it gave us a new understanding to different situations and how to deal with it. I hope that each company in the UAE implement this workshop as it will help the younger generation. By Salem Al Falahi, Takreer

By Mohamed Al Kathiri, Takreer

First of all I would like to thank the coach she is a unique person, actually I have learned lots of things that really changed all my life; How to understand people and How to interact with them. Thank you again for helping me improve my self and helping me understand life better. By Mohamed Al Kathiri, Takreer

Shortcut to Excellence - Individual Effectiveness

“While we believe that each and every employee is hired for his/her high potential for performing a certain job; we also believe that: Performance = Potential – interferences”

Personal interferences are negative believes, attitudes and behaviors erecting from shaming thinking patterns exerted in an attempt of avoiding vulnerability and covering for our shame.

Shame is defined as “the intensely painful feeling or experience of believing we are flawed and therefore unworthy of connection and belonging”. We cannot escape shame; it is a daily human emotion. 

Shame tells us that we are unworthy, inadequate, and incapable of change. Shame tells us that our imperfections make us inadequate and that our vulnerabilities are weaknesses. Hence we shut down, isolate and disengage. Build armors, protect and fight (what we call personal interferences). We start worthing our selves through assets and not values. Accordingly we stop learning and start fearing, avoiding and rejecting creativity, innovation and ownership.

“Interferences confines potential and kills performance”

The Shortcut to excellence journey is all about individual effectiveness, it is all about working with you on the deeper level of your belief system to allow it to be your allay rather than your enemy, During this program Coaches will use the principles of positive psychology, Emotional Fitness, wellbeing and shame resilience to cultivate:

  • 1. Shame Resilience

Shame separates and isolates. Practicing shame resilience reconnects us, where we find courage, empathy, and compassion. Allowing us to be vulnerable enough to allow our selves to be emotionally exposed while learning, creating, innovating and challenging the norms. 

  • 2. Emotional Fitness

It is the scientific exploration of the conditions and processes that lead to optimal performance. Through the principle of positive psychology coaches will emphasizes on your strengths and positive experiences to improve your effectiveness i.e. your general well being. Positive psychology dovetails perfectly with what coaches, managers and leaders do: creating conditions under which others and we can flourish.

“Emotionally Fit individual exerts a grounded optimistic, grateful, creative, innovative and vulnerable personality, that enhance day-to-day personal effectiveness.”

  • 3. Personal Value Recognition

Values are hugely important; they are our personal motivators, they are what makes us tick and the greatest tragedy is that most people go through life not even knowing they have got values, and let alone what they are.

Values, beliefs and attitudes have a powerful connection with our thoughts, feelings and behaviors and such combination outlines how we perform and get advantage of our own potentials.

“Our Goals and Dreams are rooted in our values. Our values are linked intrinsically with our attitudes and beliefs, once in harmony and full resonance performance is excelled”

It starts with a 360 assessment to identify thinking patterns, sabotaging beliefs and negative attitudes, followed by 1-1 coaching session with each participant for briefing, exploring challenges and set objectives with the program's coach. Then, it continues through two workshops, 4 weeks apart to allow time for on the job implementation reverting back with real challenges to concur.

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