What is the difference between Coaching, Therapy, Consulting and Mentoring?

Coaching vs. Therapy: Therapy, deals with in depth issues and its origin in order to heal from the past. Coaching is more forward thinking in its approach. Its focus is working with healthy people who are motivated to grow and change. 

Coaching vs. Consulting: Consulting offers specific advice and answers to particular problems; however, coaching ask thought provoking questions that challenges clients to see their problems with greater insight and the ability to develop their own solutions to change their own lives.  

Coaching vs. Mentoring: Mentoring is more of imparting skills, sharing information and a new perspective to the mentored. Coaching has less to do with being an authority in any particular skill, job, or life situation but has more to do with knowing how to expertly utilize the basic principles on how people excel in life. These are universal principles that can be applied to almost any area of life.