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By Umar Khan, DIB

Excellent, it was all about me and it helped me to know how I can benefit from my self and how the organization can benefit from me as I am. It taught me to know others as well as my self and put a balance. By Umar Khan, DIB

By Effat Sami, DIB

She is unique, different and lovely coach, it is a total different experience than any other workshop. It will help me to lead my team members by emotional tools not only by logical and process. By Effat Sami, DIB

By Rashied Al Shamsi, DIB

Excellent. Facilitation style, activities and conversations/interaction were very different. This workshop will help me in dealing with people emotions and in understanding my own emotions. By Rashied Al Shamsi, DIB

By Salem Al Falahi, Takreer

Everyday we were learning lots of new things moreover it gave us a new understanding to different situations and how to deal with it. I hope that each company in the UAE implement this workshop as it will help the younger generation. By Salem Al Falahi, Takreer

By Mohamed Al Kathiri, Takreer

First of all I would like to thank the coach she is a unique person, actually I have learned lots of things that really changed all my life; How to understand people and How to interact with them. Thank you again for helping me improve my self and helping me understand life better. By Mohamed Al Kathiri, Takreer

Working Wholeheartedly

"Effectiveness without values is a tool without a purpose.”

Personal core values are at the very core of being. They are the values held closest to the heart, the values that resonate most completely with the soul. Think of the core of an apple. It is within the core, in the center where the seeds of its life potential are held. It's the same with us.

Expressing life and work in alignment with core values is fundamental to enjoying high self esteem and self-empowerment and implementing keys to effectiveness and success.

Who am I? What is my purpose? Why do we do what we do? What motivates us? Why is it important to plan? What are we planning for and why? These are just some of the questions we start asking our self when we begin thinking about goals and future. Figuring out goals isn’t very important if we don’t know why they are our goals in the first place.

These are questions we often don’t ask ourselves when we’re rushing around to keep up with the day-to-day. But the answers to these questions are quite important, and we need to know our own personal answers by heart. The key to answering those questions fully and effectively is to identify our own values. 

“When soul has no value, business has no soul.”

This workshop give participants a framework for identifying personal core values and closely held beliefs, and help them in assessing whether their personal values are working with them towards setting and achieving goals that align with their highest dreams. Creating a harmonious sense of resonance with self and the workplace allow individuals to be more effective in deploying their entire potential.

Working wholeheartedly is a series of three 1-day workshops, set 4 weeks apart. Through out this and by the end of the workshops a full alignment of personal, corporate and cultural values is to be achieved. It is not training, lectures or seminars, it is a pure coaching program.

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